Who is Danny?

Hi, my name is Danny.

I've always been fascinated ever since a youngster in the physique as I wanted to emulate my childhood heros. I always wondered what it took to get the chiseled physiques they had. So I stared training in the gym from 14 years of age, loving every minute of training, putting myself through various exercises on my way to becoming like my childhood heros. This then led me onto researching, even from an early age, what it would take to get me there.


Straight from school I got into my studies to become a qualified fitness instructor. At 16 I started to work from a gym, gaining some very valuable experience. Then I realised this is the career path that I would want, so took it upon myself to take my studies further and become a fully qualified personal trainer. At present I've been in the fitness industry now 25+ years, 20+ as a personal trainer, the rest they say, is history...


I've had help along the way working within the fitness sector, meeting and gaining some valuable experience from people and companies at the top of the industry. Always looking to progress in my field, I'm constantly striving to be the best and further my edcuation by research, trial and error, courses and seminars to always keep me up to date with the newest and relevant training systems.

I've worked along side Waltham Forest Pool and Track gym, Pulse Fitness, Wellness, David Lloyd, L.A Fitness, Fitness First, Greens, Nuffield Health, a private studio based in Chigwell Hall , Pure Gym, Body Active and Lifestyle Fitness. All who I have to thank for playing a big part in my journey in the fitness industry.


Personally, I know what it takes to acheive the goals you want as I've represented teams in all fields of sports, from Rugby, Swimming, Hockey, to where I've represented at high level in Athletics, Football and Basketball. If you want to acheive high levels of sucess in any walks of life, you have to work hard for it, then you appreciate it more! But when someone is helping and encouraging you, as I've found in my competition days, it makes it that bit easier!
Now I'm passing my knowledge and experience onto you. Helping to guide, motivate and encourage you to get to the place you thought wasnt possible on your own. I will say, it won't be easy, at times you will even feel like nothings happening, but as time after time with others have proved, we will get there together!
I'm a great believer in fate, it even brought you to here, but I also beleive you can help it along the way too... People that know me and especially train with me, know that nothing is impossible and "CAN'T" is not a word that is allowed in my sessions! This in mind, together we become driven and the feeling of reaching your goal, improved fitness and physique is a feeling you can only experience!


You are unable to beg, borrow or steal the feeling and when you're there you will understand and appreciate this... Confidence is the key and just imagine what it would feel like to be confident in yourself in everything you do and everywhere you go!


I really look forward to working with you, with my know how and your hard work, anything is possible...







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