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Danny has provided me with the motivation to get fitter and stronger by varying his PT sessions with me so I actually look forward to his training. Within a relatively short space of time, I have become fitter, stronger & leaner and I have significantly more energy which has helped me plan & work my day more effectively. Before Danny, my own routine was stale and not delivering any real results so without Danny's PT sessions I would not have made any progress - so thank you Danny.


Ricky Gardezi

Managing Director Total Security Services

To everyone that it may concern,

My name is Serhan Tuncel, 33 years old and I live in London. I'm currently working with Danny in Greens Fitness centre in Chingford since last year and he's a very fun trainer, he gives great motivation, never said anything was impossible, he made me believe in myself that i could do anything. His lessons are really fun and he's quite a joker, even when times got hard. It’s tough work but Danny makes it fun and interesting so time goes quicker and I’m more happy. He's a very professional trainer and he shows it in many ways, I’ve had many different trainers but so far he's been the best, and made a big difference on me. Because of him I felt like I could do anything which before him I thought that was impossible. But for Danny nothings impossible, I started to believe that I could lose weight and put my body into shape all the hard work had a conclusion and I recognised that with Danny. The most things I need to thank him about is he made me believe in myself and I can do anything if I wanted to about my body, from losing weight to body building. I highly recommend this trainer to anyone.


Serhan Tuncel

Danny's a great listener, he listens to you when you say "No more" or "I can't" he then proceeds to ignore you and raises the bar challenging you just that little bit more, encouraging and supporting you to reach goals you once thought were unachievable.


Danny's sessions are individually tailored and are different every time ensuring you never get bored and making sure that every muscle is being used. Danny isn't just about making you lose weight and look good, he also makes you feel good and there's nothing better than that!


Shilpa Shah

Danny is an inspirational trainer, his patience, skill and understanding has helped us lose weight, feel better and set us on the road to a healthier and happier lifestyle.  As a woman I was looking to be more toned and slimmer and my husband was looking to gain muscle and loose fat, both of which we have achieved with Danny's guidance. Danny's enthusiasm is infectious and his training technique inspires confidence and self belief.  We are both now training at a level that we wouldn't have thought possible a year ago.  We look forward to each session (sort of, in a sick kind of way) and each session is different to the last.  #DCPT

Louise & Mark Baron

Danny trained me for a number of years at my local gym.  He was very motivational and totally professional.  My body shape changed quite dramatically for the better whilst he was my trainer.  He made training into a pleasure and not a chore and I would definitely recommend him.  It was only due to the fact that he moved out of the area that I stopped training with him –


Arlene Conway

Danny doesn’t believe in the word ‘can't’ only the word ‘can’! He is a personal trainer that puts great effort into understanding what a person wants from training and takes pride in tailoring a plan to suit. He treats everyone as an individual and works with them to achieve there desired goals. Danny provides continuous support, encouragement and if you have had a bad day, he will even listen to you moan!


What makes Danny great….he is not just a personal trainer, he’s a friend!


Sam Hanlon

During my training with Danny I found that if I mentioned a problem with a muscle or movement, Danny would modify a stretch or exercise which would help or relieve the problem. He has absolute in depth knowledge of the body and how it moves. Danny is very approachable, skilled, thoughtful and a very sensible person.He knows how and when to encourage someone and managed to take me beyond my boundaries. I was able to run for 10 minutes – which I have not been able to do for many years!!! I felt fitter and mentally focussed whilst training with Danny. I also found it easy to talk to Danny, helping me with some of the stressful situations I was dealing with in my life.Some of the inhibitions I had about ‘getting back’ to fitness dissolved. For example– it does not matter what age you are you can achieve what you want – including a good fitness level. Danny will tell you though – you have to do it yourself…he is there to help you along, not to do it for you. Train with Danny and you will be addicted to getting fit. Highest recommendation from me.


Suki Dhamu

Danny came highly recommended and from the first training session, I knew straight off that the goal I had in mind was going to be achieved - I had finally found someone who matched me in terms of motivation, determination and commitment.

I do a lot of training on my own, but found I hit a sticking point and realised that I needed some expert help and that’s where Danny has been a great source of support and knowledge.

In a very short period of time I have achieved some amazing results and at the same time it has been a lot of fun. I really enjoy each training session with Danny and always look forward to the next. One of the most significant things gained from this experience is that Danny has taught me how to take a more intelligent approach to training, which has resulted in greater strength of mind as well as body and this is remarkably empowering.
Laura Gilbert.
Freelance RPM Instructor.

Danny is a very enthusiastic personal trainer. Attention to detail and care for the protection of the body while training is my key observation. Having had a back operation 3 years ago, Danny has taken great care in my rehabilitation, taking finite care to improve my core and push me on to full fitness. 3 years with very little back reaction is testament to the knowledge and experience Danny has in his training, which is as much about protection through good form as it is about fitness.


Brian Kavanagh

I have had Danny Cohen training me for 2 and a half years. I am constantly feeling the benefits, he pushes the bench mark higher pushing me to my maximum, he also has a professional and considerate approach and has helped me gain a huge amount of confidence on the gym floor which is something I consider important. He pushes the bench mark higher pushing me to my maximum, so with this in my work out I get 100% out of my fitness!


Robert French

Danny was a great trainer, I was training with him for 2 years and I saw great results, I was looking to tone up and general fitness. Danny always pushed me to my limits even though it killed me at the time it felt good after. Danny was a good trainer and made my workouts fun and enjoyable but at the same time they were challenging. Danny helped me improve my confidence and self esteem.


Sophie Steel

After two children I had a muffin top and I would have struggled to jog around the block. After a couple of months my core was strong and toned, I actually enjoyed cardio and looked pretty good if I may say so myself. Danny is a superstar!


Marie-Jamilla Grey

Danny trained me for a year; he improved my stamina, diet and attitude to exercise also keeping me fit.

His personal training was rewarding and he always made it fun.


 Danielle Chesler

I started training with Danny after having 2 children and wanting to get back to pre-pregnancy size before having a third child. I wanted to work as hard and to look as good, as possible.


Danny listened to whatever I had to say regarding training and acted accordingly. He
didn't waste time chit chatting like some Personal Trainers that I'd seen, therefore every session was extremely productive, ensuring excellent results.


After becoming pregnant I trained with Danny until about 34 weeks and then resumed my sessions when my baby was 6 weeks old.


My goal was to get as fit as possible and Danny gave me a programme to follow, and advised me on diet, to complement my sessions with him; I highly recommend Danny as a PT.


Natalie Musaphia

Training with Danny is no picnic. And that's exactly how it should be. Workouts are hard but fun and training sessions tough but results-driven.

Working with Danny over the past year has not only dramatically improved my upper body strength, increased my postural awareness. upped my stamina and endurance but changed my attitude to fitness. I have learned techniques and mastered exercises no number of hours toiling alone in the gym could have achieved.

Danny is a great motivator and detective of weak spots (!) and his wealth of experience and excellent technical knowledge make each session fresh. No two training sessions are the same. The personal plans he devises are challenging, regularly updated and perfectly tailored to often limited time constraints.

Sessions with Danny have also had the added benefit of banishing the word "can't" from my vocabulary (amazing what the threat of 50 burpees can do).


Julie McKinlay

Three years ago I made the decision to start training with Danny after years of going to the gym and not really seeing results.

In a matter of months he helped me acheive my goals of toning up and improving my overal fitness.

He has recently spent time carefully amending my programme to ensure I feel confident to continue even at 5 months pregnant. He is a fantastic trainer who gives his clients confidence and determination to acheive their goals.


Hannah Rollinson

After having spoken to Danny, he helped me outline my needs before wants, with this we were able to prioritise, plan and put in to action a plan that was not only realistic but achievable. Danny helped with my own personal goals and pushed me in the right direction, he has been a great support unit through my journey in the fitness industry and is always there for guidance. Reliable and trustworthy ive definitely learnt from the best.


Healthy Regards


Ash Miller

I have known Danny for apprx 10 years now. During this period of time he has trained me. Training isn't something that I am particularly devoted and committed to and have over the years struggled to motivate myself to do. In the time Danny trained me he made the process fun and varied it on a regular basis. This not only made training more fun but for the first time I began to see a physical change. I would have no hesitation in recommending Danny to anyone who wants a trainer that is committed and dedicated to his work and cares about helping his client achieve what they are hoping too.


Alan Marcelis

Danny makes my training session interesting and always with plenty of variety and a challenge .
He is a brilliant motivator and professional in his approach. Danny's attention to detail both in technique and the individual needs of his clients is exceptional. Even when you feel low and not in that frame of mind to train, his infectious laugh will always pull you through it.
But beware the word CAN'T doesn't exist in his vocabulary , as I found out.

Three CAN'TS and feel the wrath of 50 burpes !
My aim is not to say ' CAN'T !'

Maria Suarez

I've know Danny for over 10 years now. And not meet anyone else like him.  He knows what his talking about and knows exactly what's his doing too. His training session are never the same. You will never do the same thing two weeks in a row. That's whats great about him. He will constantly surprise you. Especially when you lease expect it. And he doesn't believe in the word CAN'T. and by the time you finish training with him you will know that anything and everything is possible. And the word CAN'T just doesn't excise in the English dictionary.  And there will be times when you won't be able to walk and you really hate him.  But you will just keep going back for more.


Sibel Hussein

I have always tried to incorporate fitness into my daily routine which has comprised primarily of jogging and free weights and the treadmill at a local gym. Although I have maintained my ideal weight, i have not been able to change my body shape or acquire the toned stomach I have always wanted!  In September 2012 Danny was recommended by a friend and although skeptical at first, he has transformed not only my apprehension towards personal training but also to my whole approach to exercise in general. From our first session It was apparent how knowledgable he is in the field of health and fitness and overtime he has developed a customised program to not only achieve my personal goals but in the process improved my confidence and mental well being. He is always well prepared for each session and keeps things interesting so that I look forward to the challenge each week. Danny is a wonderful trainer and he truly cares about his clients and I am so glad I started on the journey of personal training !


Yasmin Feussner

I have been training with Danny for over 6 years - an indicator in itself that he is successful in his ability to help you achieve and maintain your goals. Danny is an inspirational trainer. His knowledge, patience, skill and support have helped me become fitter, healthier and ultimately less stressed! Danny's enthusiasm and sence of humour is infectious and his experience using a variety of training techniques enable him to inspire confidence and self belief. Danny has composed an individual training program to meet my personal needs. Our activities are regularly adapted to ensure that boredom dosen't set in and enthusiasm and a desire to achieve remains. I have no reservations in recommending him as your personal trainer.


Phillipa Haslehurst

I have been training with Danny Cohen for 3 years now, he is truely an excellent trainer. He combines tough (your killing me!) with soft (your doing very well) and works the whole person mentally, emotionally and physically. Since working with Danny, I am stronger, more flexible, fitter and have better balance which is all needed in my line of work. Danny mixes up my sessions so workouts are always different and exciting, I look forward to each time we train! I recommend him without reservation.


Samantha Fox


Following double surgery on a ruptured Achilles, I lacked the confidence and motivation
to resume exercise. In March 2012 I decided to take matters in hand by treating
myself to 6 sessions of personal training with Danny. Eighteen months later, I
am still seeing Danny on a regular basis and I am a complete convert.


Danny always makes his sessions varied and fun, whilst encouraging me to work harder than I
ever have before. He has been extremely knowledgeable and respectful about my
injury, and I am now running again after three years. I am thrilled to have lost inches and weight,
but crucially for me, I have also gained hugely in self-confidence and
motivation. The personalised programme Danny has written for me ensures that I
now do a thorough and targeted workout between personal training sessions, and

Danny updates this programme for me regularly to stop me slacking!

I would not hesitate to recommend Danny to anyone who is thinking about working with a
personal trainer. He is that great combination of motivating, challenging,
encouraging and fun.


Alison Wood

I started training with Danny at 17. When we started we did a lot of core strength and stabilization. This helped me achieve better results in playing football, swimming, running and general weight lifting.
 We also had fun whilst training, managing to jump and balance on a swiss ball.
 I am now 27 and without the core stability exericises, my level of fitness and strength wouldnt have been what it is today without Danny's help.


Peter Lindenberg

I have been training with Danny for over 15 years now. Great trainer, pushes you to your limits in a way that always motivates you. And added to that he is one of the nicest guys you can meet.


Trainer for life!


Nigel Edwards



We have been training with Danny for 2 years (we are both in our fifties). His varied and structure training sessions have resulted in a healthy lifestyle change, allowing us to lose weight and significantly improve general health and fitness.


He uses subtle variations in training to keep sessions both interesting and challenging. Danny conducts structured reviews so that together we have been able to see our improvements and he has been able to further adapt the training sessions to target individual areas for development. 


He is a knowledgeable and experienced trainer who can assist anyone to fulfil their true potential.


Sue & Mike Usher

I have always tried to incorporate fitness into my daily routine which has comprised primarily of jogging and free weights and the treadmill at a local gym. Although I have maintained my ideal weight, I have not been able to change my body shape or acquire the toned stomach I have always wanted!


In September 2012 Danny was recommended by a friend and although skeptical at first, he has transformed not only my apprehension towards personal training but also to my whole approach to exercise in general.


From our first session It was apparent how knowledgable he is in the field of health and fitness and overtime he has developed a customised program to not only achieve my personal goals but in the process improved my confidence and mental well being.


He is always well prepared for each session and keeps things interesting so that I look forward to the challenge each week. Danny is a wonderful trainer and he truly cares about his clients and I am so glad I started on the journey of personal training ! 


Yousef Shantir

I first started training with Danny for injury rehabilitation after having broken my back a few years ago and I have trained with him ever since!


He helped prepare my body for the second surgery and we continued training as soon as I was physically able to do so.


To begin with I was very nervous and scared to lift any weight with my back at all, but Danny knew what I could and couldn’t handle better than I did myself.


He really built my confidence in the gym and in myself, I feel like I’m training just as much with a friend as a personal trainer, we have fits of laughter whilst still pushing me to my limits!


He couldn’t make me feel more comfortable and his knowledge is outstanding, he really knows everything there is to know about training. I’ve really seen results since I’ve been with Danny and I couldn’t imagine training with any other PT.


Kayla Rudland

Danny is a highly recommended trainer. Not only does he tailor each session to my particular needs, he varies the circuits enough to keep me interested.


Danny is very creative in progressing sessions, making them fun and challenging at the same time. And no two sessions are ever the same!


Lee Beetles

With my 50th birthday on the horizon I decided I needed a challenge so signed up for a 12k Nuclear race. 


I asked Danny to help me prepare for the  event and prepare me he did! I completed the race with the Pure gym team. I then carried on with my sessions with Danny as he knows how to challenge me and get the most out of me.


I am in the best condition of my  life and  am very thankful to Danny for helping me.


Amanda Newmarch

Danny is the perfect PT, he caters your sessions to your personal needs and checks up on you in-between sessions to make sure you are on track.


He makes the lessons fun, different and always challenging! If you want results choose DCPT!


Casey Gillett

I have worked with several personal trainers over the past 10 years and Danny continues to stand out as the most effective trainer I have worked with. 


He is fun, engaging, knowledgeable, and knows just how to get the best of me – driving my competitive spirit and challenging me to push myself further than I thought possible. 


I only wish I could continue to work with Danny but alas Seattle to Essex is a little too far!


Trudi Slater

I worked with Danny over the summer after not having a clue about how to get into shape.


Not only does he work you hard, but he helps you get the results you desire by varied exercise, healthy eating and helping you understand your body. Its been great working with him.


Liam Small

I'd always wanted to be a police officer, but my Cerebral Palsy and life situation had left me physically and mentally unable to go for it. After years of struggling to get on top of it, I sought out a PT and it was Danny who met me at the door of PureGym.


Within a matter of months he'd managed to undo years of physical deterioration, helped me get a handle on my condition, not only improved my physical fitness but gave me back my old self-confidence and played off my own personality to further improve the results. It's thanks to his efforts that I've finally been able to join the police this year. He hasn't just helped me achieve my dream job, he's done nothing short of give me my life back.

He truely knows what he's doing and the results, certainly in my case, have been transformational even in a short time span. It goes beyond just getting someone into shape, or helping to squeeze an extra mile out of a run. He's there for you, as a friend, every step of the way. For him to do what he's done for me is beyond words and I can't properly express how good of a trainer and friend he is.

Thank you, Danny. Sincerely. 


Billy Harman

I have been training with Danny for almost 3 years, before I started I had zero confidence or knowledge about exercise which had always left me unmotivated.

He understood that my goals were never solely about physical appearance, but I wanted to get fitter, stronger and push myself to new limits.

No two sessions have ever been the same, I love how tailored my sessions have always been to my goals and how he always pushes me to challenge myself and keeping me motivated.

I also now have far more confidence to take myself to the gym and train by myself thanks to Danny.


Elise Bain

I trained with Danny for a number of years and our sessions became a must-have part of my life routine.


From constantly evolving challenges (ask about the ‘Driathlon’ or bleep test) to daily advice on diet and progression, Danny was a superb trainer for me and I still employ his tips and techniques to this day.


If you’re wanting a new challenge, to seek change in your fitness or the mental health benefits that come from exercise, I cannot recommend Danny highly enough.


Jamie Roberton

Social Affairs Producer Channel 4 News

Danny was patient and always found ways to motivate me.  He regularly provided with challenges to check my progress, which in itself was motivating. Danny was always flexible with timings, working around my busy schedule. 


I would definitely recommend Danny to anyone who wants to improve their fitness.


Neil Woolcott

The difference Dan made to how I look and feel about myself, as well as how much he improved my balance and coordination, is testament to how knowledgeable he is, and how well he can understand what you want to achieve and tailor a plan to give amazing results. 


I could not recommend anyone highly enough!


Many thanks!



Adam Pike


CEO & Founder

Swift MRP

I have been training with Danny for 4 years,  when I decided to start my journey I was very unfit and scared of what people would think of me whilst training especially being a larger lady at 22 stone.

I was unable to even lift my legs off the floor when lying flat let alone do a push up off the wall. Danny helped me over come my fears of exercise  encouraged, motivated and pushed me to do more.in a fun way, and left you feeling accomplished.


He also trained me through my pregnancy up until 34 weeks and post pregnancy, and adapted to my needs at every step of the way...


Emma Howard

I have trained on and off before meeting Danny for years but have never stuck with it or seen great results. 
I met Danny just after lock down when I started training again.


When introduced was hesitant as I was confident I could train myself. After the first session it literally hit different. From structuring my standing position to altering my position in lifts my strength and fitness has improved dramatically. The workouts are tough but super beneficial!

Danny is willing to share his expert knowledge and answers every question I have as my curiosity grows. His dedication to help all different people is commendable and his passion for fitness is clear to see.
Danny has forever changed my fitness journey and would recommend highly! 


James Moss

After having my 2 babies in under 2 years I wanted to get my pre-baby body back.

I had gotten to the point when I felt low in every way possible and hated looking in the mirror. 
I didn't want a 'mum' body because I'd had children and needed help because every time I walked into a gym i didn't want to be there.

Danny changed my whole life and mental outlook on training and i wouldn't be where I am now without him. 

I am the lightest in weight since I can remember, even before my children and my whole body shape has changed. 

I feel so much better not just physically but mentally and I genuinely look forward to every session I have with him. 

He's not just my PT anymore, he's my mentor, therapist and friend and I look forward to training with him until he's retired!


Natasha Demetriou 

Danny was my PT for just under 2 years, he was amazing! He pushed me to my limits and I started to see results within a few weeks. After a few months I was in the best shape I had ever been. Before this I was struggling in the gym before on my own with little knowledge and no confidence. Danny started training me which helped me gain confidence and I am now in the best shape I have been in for years! I highly recommend.


Selina Young

I first met Danny during a very challenging part of my life where I did not have much in the way of getting out of bed for. A brilliant PT, that has become a good friend, who was able to help me overcome both personal challenges and gym goals. 


I have always been very skinny and Danny helped me to believe that I could do something about it and I will always appreciate that. Danny also helped me, a person who had always despised the gym, with the means of achieving my goals by guiding me through it every step of the way.


I do not believe anyone would regret choosing to train with Danny.


Tyler Usher

I had Danny as my PT and he was very good and determined to help me achieve my goals! I learnt alot about what I can actually do and the word cant has now been removed from my vocabulary as I realised I can!


He is a great PT and really helped me in many ways and can highly recommend him :) 


Emily George

I’ve been training with Danny for almost 2 years now, and believe he is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. I started training once a week and then moved to twice to three times per week. Also joined the gym classes delivered by Danny as part of a group session, really enjoyed the variety & challenge he put into the sessions. 


Danny is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging (& somehow fun). My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more sit ups / core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I find I actually look forward to my workouts.


He is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned.


Justin Elezaj

I started my journey because of lack of confidence  and I lost me.
I started pure Gym with one mate to workout with and he told me find a PT,  I did,  Danny. 


And he did something with me that I love to do, boxing.  


I become a new me and feel unstoppable!   


Danny taught me not to say can't, it is a negative way to think and that you can always achieve anything if you just want it bad enough and made me feel I could reach the stars! 


He has time for you,  kind, funny and he pushes you to limits you never think off .  


At one point, I was training in Body Active gym, I admit I thought it was a body building gym for guys, I was scared and out of my comfort zone, but I knew he had my back!  


After few times there I felt ok.  


I'll be back training soon once everything is stable as I know I will look after me, I promise!   

Danny is one in a million, if you're ready for change,  he is the best person to help and push you to achieve your goals!


Samantha Batt

Working with Danny has given me a sense of confidence I never thought would be possible. He listened to my goals and has carefully crafted a plan for me that is somehow both challenging and fun.


Having exercised on my own for years without seeing the results I wanted, I was at an impasse. Within a few months of working with Danny I’m already seeing some amazing changes. Most importantly, I’m no longer doing endless amounts of cardio, which has left me so much happier and energised.


I can’t recommend him enough.


Amanda Ahmet

Having known Danny since school, both competing as athletes and ballers it was an easy choice to enlist his help when I needed to up my fitness later on in life. 


I had a goal to look more toned and to just be generally fitter.  From the get go Danny put me through my paces and we worked on the areas that we could as I was limited with times to train with a busy work schedule!  But he worked with me to achieve a better, fitter me.


He even roped my kids into it, which I think fuelled my sons muscle gym commitment now.  With a combination of gym work and cardio I was super happy with the results and would recommend him to anyone.  Side note, be prepared to worked hard as he’s great at getting the best out of you!


Dextene Ellinis

During my time training with Danny, I have learned so many new things and my confidence in the gym has grown massively. Danny's sessions, although very challenging, are always fun and I come out feeling amazing.


Sessions are always varied and I am always pushed to reach my best potential. It is so amazing seeing and feeling the benefits of personal training, and learning things which I will continue to implement forever.


A big issue for me was my form and posture. Since training with Danny, I've learned how important building a strong core is. Having now built these strong foundations, I've been able to move from the basics, to using machines I used to be too scared to even go near!


Thank you Danny for helping me build my confidence, health, fitness and love for the gym. I am forever grateful for all the support and guidance you have given me and am looking forward to continue growing even more in my fitness journey with DC-PT! Thank you.


Rosie Sullivan

Before I met Danny I was severely underweight and always in a daze. I had no strength or energy. Over the last few months I have been more energetic, I have also been able to train and push myself past my own expectations. Training with Danny is fun, challenging and rewarding.


Rajpal Dhamu





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