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Your Questions, My Answers

Where does the training take place?

Training will take place either at Pure Gym Harlow, your place of resisence or outside in around the area.

Am I a fitness professional?

Yes. I studied sports at college and sixth form as well as constantly keeping up to date with currant ideas and techniques within the fitness industry through courses and fitness seminars. I then worked at a fitness studio for many years. Check out the “About Me“ page for more details on my biography.

Why should I spend money on a personal trainer? I can do it by myself.

Of course you can train alone, but I believe that my main purpose is to motivate you, develop a customised training programme with you that corresponds to your requirements and tackle problems and goals as and when thay arise which everyday life will throw at yo!. I will mainly be your advisor, I will detect when your posture is not quite right or when you are putting too much pressure on the wrong muscles or not enough on the ones that should be working. 

How often do I have to or can I train with you?

That is entirely up to you and depends on the amount of time you have and how committed you are. Obviously the more we work together, the quicker you will see results, but I do understand that financial and/or time constraints can sometimes become a issue. We will always find a way which best suits you.

Q's & A's

In this section, any questions asked of me I will try and post as many here. Just email me and I will do my best to answer them either on here or directly to you.

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